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The organisation of the Angelics is made up of thousands of "devine" members, and are under the direct command of divinity AKA God. Current characters so far are:

- Seriphin - Boss
- Jeradin - Scout <Nickname Jin>




The second most active organisation is the Red Lotus, also called "The Damned" <More info to come> Characters so far:

- Sammael - Boss - Third from satan, powers are unknown but can controle almost anyone within a 8 mile area
- Ikuma - Right hand man, answers only to Sammael [deamon status un-known]
- Ratin - Servent - Dog Deamon, highly loyal if treated well, and is rumoured to be extreamly powerful




The U.N.P.H also known as "The United Nations Protection of Humanity" Formed over 2 centurys ago by a section of the vatican under the order of the then pope to deal with the threat of demons. Over the years it has grown and evolved into the highly technologically advanced UNPH we see today. Its members are:

- Fel`Agor - Boss [Human] <Alise Agor>
- Rook <Unknown daemon type> 

- Renji <lower-class daemon>  - Mother was human and worked for the UNPH, was lead to believe [by UNPH] that is mother wished for him to work for them, extremely talented with electronics



All character creation and originality are ©2006 to CrimsonBlack



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